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A Pinellas County (FL) Sheriff’s Office administration building security guard spotted the misspelling after the $500 rug had been on the floor for several weeks. The manufacturer – responsible for the DOG error – is replacing the rug. (I’m guessing the IN DOG WE TRUST floor covering would attract big bids on eBay.)

* Oops! “In Dog We Trust” printed on sheriff’s rug (

From Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich’s memo to staff:

* “Clean it up, not just for me but for all of us” (
* Scott Dadich on Instagram (

Update: ReadWrite editor Owen Thomas asked Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto his thoughts on Dadich’s memo. Here’s what Rossetto wrote, reprinted with his permission:

From: Louis Rossetto
Date: Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: “WIRED is no longer a pirate ship”

I think I wrote a similar email (although perhaps not as long and detailed) to all Wired Ones when we moved from 2nd to 3rd Street, something about it being the nicest place I ever worked in, and let’s keep it that way. It was immediately ignored. Journalists inevitably end up with mountains of crap. [Founding executive editor] Kevin [Kelly] had the biggest mountain of crap of all.

I saw Wired’s new offices a month ago when they were still in construction. I liked them. They were perhaps what we would have done if we were 20 years down the road and had the money. Even though they represent a major investment, they still have the open and casual feel of the old space. Everything is just better.

Yes, Wired isn’t a pirate ship any more, but after 20 years, if it were a pirate ship, it would feel old. Maybe it’s a pirate spaceship where the captain has the resources to indulge his good taste. In any case, it will be a fine and functional place to work/hangout, and it will impress the visitors — who have, in the interim since the hollow core door on sawhorses old days, gotten used to Google/Twitter/Uber/Airbnb office design.

One improvement from the old days — no receptionist. Each visitor will be greeted by the person who invited them.

All best,


USC Annenberg professor Marc Cooper – called an “asshole” by New York Times executive editor Dean Baquetasshole on Friday – writes on Facebook that “over the weekend I communicated with [Times public editor Margaret] Sullivan about Baquet calling me an asshole on fb and asked if thus might it indicate that Baquet might not fully understand social media. She answered that for the moment she is not reviewing that incident. LOL.”

Sullivan confirms in an email that “I’ve got no plans to write about this.”

* Margaret Sullivan is not reviewing the asshole incident (
* Dean Baquet calls Marc Cooper an “asshole” (

leeMany – if not most – journalists at Lee Enterprises‘ 46 daily newspapers haven’t received raises since 2008. The company’s top executives, however, have been rewarded many times with big bonuses in recent years. A just-released document discloses these 2014 bonuses:

CEO Mary Junck – $1,150,000
CFO Carl Schmidt – $533,000
COO Kevin Mowbray – $128,125

* Lee Enterprises 2015 Proxy Statement
* Earlier: Lee executives get bonuses for doing their jobs (
* “We intend for the Company to be an employer of choice” (

* Charlie Hebdo quickly sells out. ( | ( | (| Report: Only 300 copies in the U.S. ( / Here’s the new issue.
* The New York Times should have published the Charlie Hedbo cover, says public editor Margaret Sullivan. (
* Campbell Brown (left) transforms herself “from a TV journalist to a hero reformer for the teacher-tenure-busting crowd.” (
* After protests are lodged, Alabama lawmakers decide against changing their media access rules. ( | Earlier: Alabama’s Republican legislative leaders consider restricting press credentials. (
* NimbleTV, which launched after Aereo went dark, is put on pause “so we can concentrate on developing something even better and more amazing than before.” (
* PolitiFact reaches its $15,000 fundraising goal six days before its Kickstarter campaign ends. (@BillAdairDuke)
* Alex Jones is stepping down as director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. (
* NYU prof Joe Cutbirth is named Texas Observer editor. (
* USA Today editor-in-chief David Callaway says “the most challenging part of the job has been shaping [the] talent and culture for a digital world.” (
* I know Donald Trump declared bankruptcy, but I don’t believe Spy magazine ever did. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) (@realDonaldTrump)
* How about pranking Trump, Gawker? (
* People leave Gawker Media … then return. (

- From Tuesday's Manila Bulletin

– From Tuesday’s Manila Bulletin

The headline refers to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, not this MILF. (h/t @EThomasWood)

* MILF welcomes Pope’s visit (