Morning Report for January 14, 2015

* Charlie Hebdo quickly sells out. ( | ( | (| Report: Only 300 copies in the U.S. ( / Here’s the new issue.
* The New York Times should have published the Charlie Hedbo cover, says public editor Margaret Sullivan. (
* Campbell Brown (left) transforms herself “from a TV journalist to a hero reformer for the teacher-tenure-busting crowd.” (
* After protests are lodged, Alabama lawmakers decide against changing their media access rules. ( | Earlier: Alabama’s Republican legislative leaders consider restricting press credentials. (
* NimbleTV, which launched after Aereo went dark, is put on pause “so we can concentrate on developing something even better and more amazing than before.” (
* PolitiFact reaches its $15,000 fundraising goal six days before its Kickstarter campaign ends. (@BillAdairDuke)
* Alex Jones is stepping down as director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. (
* NYU prof Joe Cutbirth is named Texas Observer editor. (
* USA Today editor-in-chief David Callaway says “the most challenging part of the job has been shaping [the] talent and culture for a digital world.” (
* I know Donald Trump declared bankruptcy, but I don’t believe Spy magazine ever did. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) (@realDonaldTrump)
* How about pranking Trump, Gawker? (
* People leave Gawker Media … then return. (