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- via @KissMeSuzy

– via @KissMeSuzy

* Devoted Steelers fan Eleanor Gallagher dies at 81 (

* Disappointment with KC Chiefs contributes to man’s death (
* She was a lifelong Mets fan, but that wasn’t what killed her (

I’m told the Reader vote to join the Guild was 19-0. (The weekly is owned by the Chicago Sun-Times parent Wrapports.)reader

Chicago Newspaper Guild president David Pollard tells Reader journalists:

You’ve made a brave and bold decision, but you’ve joined a union that advocates aggressively on behalf of our members who work in the newsroom and our members in different industries represented by us. This is just the beginning but it is a strong and resounding one that I believe will result in very positive outcomes in the future.

Wrapports CEO Tim Knight says: “We appreciate that staff exercised their right to vote and acknowledge the decision.”

* Chicago Newspaper Guild welcomes Reader staffers (
* Newspaper Guild organizes at the Chicago Reader (

Letter to Romenesko
From a ROMENESKO READER: I was wondering if you could post an anonymous question to your readers about working off the clock.clock How many journalists do this? Is it bad practice or a sign of unwavering commitment to the craft?

Where I work, reporters are paid hourly, but some seem to work with a salary mindset. How do you set boundaries and avoid burnout?

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New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich spoke at Northwestern University on Thursday. He told a student reporter:

markI used to be a lot more nervous than I am [when interviewing powerful Washington people.] One thing that reporters should keep in mind when they get nervous is that these people need you as much as you need them. You have great power having a notebook, having a tape recorder. You shouldn’t forget that. It’s your story, you’re in control.

Daily Northwestern reporter Shane McKeon, who was ill and unable to attend the talk, got a nice note from Leibovich.

* Mark Leibovich talks Washington reporting (
* Student: “Deeply saddened I couldn’t make it. Next time” (@Shane_McKeon)



* UPI on Twitter

* “All is fine,” says Navy Times. “Carry on” (@NavyTimes)
* New York Post says its Twitter account was hacked, too (

- via The Newseum

– via The Newseum

Who gets credit? “The headline writer is either shy or modest but doesn’t want to be singled out,” says features editor Lisa Wrenn.

Reaction to it? Managing editor/content Bert Robinson says:

I’ve gotten two voicemails about how terrible it was and one email about how great it was. The email said it was very gutsy and right on point. One of the voicemails accused us of fomenting a race war and the other one said “caucasian” is as perjorative as the n-word. That last guy said he is Latino.

* Newspaper trolls Academy Awards with headline (
* “S/O to the Oakland Tribune for having balls of steel” (@same_ole_niko)
* PDF of today’s Oakland Tribune front page (

* No surprise that Chris Christie snubbed New Jersey reporters. ( | Christie calls his state’s reporters “self-consumed.” (
* Bloggers are paid $500 to attend a restaurant event in Montreal. (
* Journalists leave Politico because “we are a talent factory,” says CEO Jim VandeHei. (
* Network stars question management’s decision to ban the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. (
* Noah Oppenheim is put in charge of NBC’s “Today” show. (
* The new owner of Women’s Wear Daily considers cutting the print publication schedule. (
* The FBI blasts the New York Times for Thursday’s page one anonymous quote from an Al Qaeda spokesperson. (
* Former Whisper editor Neetzan Zimmerman joins The Hill. (
* The Atlantic posts a 300-plus word correction on its CUNY piece. (
* More on Detroit Auto Show press kits being sold on eBay: ( | Earlier.
* JOBS: LSU is looking for a student media director. Wichita Eagle wants a business writer. ProPublica seeks an investigative political reporter … and more openings. (Romenesko Jobs)
* A couple of teen sports fans say no thanks to ESPN’s Megacast. (
* Why can’t Hollywood portray a female journalist who isn’t “slutty”? (
* Valleywag’s Dan Lyons changes an “unbelievably sexist” post after being criticized. (
* “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” – written by a couple of Malarkeys – is, in fact, malarkey. (

Letter to Romenesko
From ART AIELLO: Please see the link below [about Northern Michigan University charging the student newspaper $613 for a public record request].dollar I’ve never filed any kind of FOIA request, so I don’t know what cost is reasonable and customary at any level of government or with regard to any public institution. Given that this is a student newspaper, a fee of any kind seems to me to be somewhat obstructive and counterproductive to a good working relationship.

Is the university’s bill unreasonable? (It was later reduced to $300 when the student journalists pared down their request.)

* University bills student newspaper $613 for FOIA request (