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The candy contributions came after I posted a memo about the York (Pa.) Daily Recordsnickers vending machines being cleared of Mountain Dew and Snickers bars. I’ve asked Chris Dunn for more information about the Snickers donations and to explain the “200-400” reference.

Update: “We got a box of 48 last week,” she writes, “and another one or two boxes today. A 200-400 is an expensive but very useful lens many sports shooters want.” Anyone care to donate that?

* No cursing – or unhealthy vending machine items – at the York paper (


* U-T San Diego wants its $2-for-2-years deal to be hush-hush (Google Drive)


An employee of North Carolina-based newspaper publisher Civitas Media tells Romenesko readers: “Our company just ordered us to kill stories about our new CEOcivitas until they can get a press release together — despite the fact there are already stories on the wire and other outlets reporting it.”

Here’s the memo put out by the company’s content director:

From: Jim Lawitz
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 1:02 PM
To: All Content Managers; All Content Directors
Subject: breaking news


You may have seen stories moving on the wire about a new CEO for Civitas Media. We are not prepared to send a press release and ask you not to publish the wire version of the story. Move to come.

Thanks for your understanding.


Our tipster asks: “I wonder how Mr. Lawitz would react if we sat on other stories that were being reported elsewhere, just to give a source a chance to put a press release together?”

* Pittsburgh Trib-Review’s Ralph Martin named Civitas Media CEO (AP) | (

Guild communications director Janelle Hartman writes in an email:

Guild delegates meeting in Orlando voted by a large margin Saturday morning to officially change our name from The Newspaper Guild-CWA to The NewsGuild-CWA, to better reflect our changing industry and the diverse units we represent.

* Newspaper Guild changes name to NewsGuild (


From Gannett, the company that has been laying off copy editors. (Here’s some help with it’s vs. its.)

* Earlier: Gannett exec misspells his company’s name (

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* The Lens loses its free office space at Loyola University in New Orleans just as it reports on the Jesuit school’s president. (Associated Press) | (
* West Virginia lawmakers consider harsher penalties for violent crimes against journalists. (
* Britain’s NSA equivalent has collected journalists’ emails. (
* Larry Wilmore tackles race in “The Nightly Show” debut. ( | (
newspaper* Joshua Benton: “I’m sure this was well intentioned, but going 6 days without a print newspaper is just called ‘life’ for most people.” (@jbenton)
* Disney and Hearst want a contract clause that protects them from “the renegades” at Vice Media. (
* More on New York Times vs. BuzzFeed social shares. (
* Warning: Your Facebook “Likes” could be used against you. (
* “We chose humor to campaign against Fox News,” says French satirist Yann Barthès. (
* The late Michel du Cille receives the National Press Photographers Association’s most prestigious honor. (
* Search engines overtake traditional media as the most trusted source for general news and information. (
* Milwaukee police tell a reporter he was “lucky he didn’t get shot” when he abruptly drove up to a squad car. (
* Chicago Reader editor Mara Shalhoup is named LA Weekly editor. She says her staff’s recent union vote is unrelated to her departure.( | (
* SF Weekly may be less newsy these days, but East Bay Express “is a stronger news source today than ever before.” (
* Oops! ESPNer Chris Fowler‘s info about Japanese tennis pro Kei Nishikori comes from a satirical website. (
* Advice for academics who are considering blogging. (