Civitas Media to editors: No stories about our new CEO until the press release goes out

An employee of North Carolina-based newspaper publisher Civitas Media tells Romenesko readers: “Our company just ordered us to kill stories about our new CEOcivitas until they can get a press release together — despite the fact there are already stories on the wire and other outlets reporting it.”

Here’s the memo put out by the company’s content director:

From: Jim Lawitz
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 1:02 PM
To: All Content Managers; All Content Directors
Subject: breaking news


You may have seen stories moving on the wire about a new CEO for Civitas Media. We are not prepared to send a press release and ask you not to publish the wire version of the story. Move to come.

Thanks for your understanding.


Our tipster asks: “I wonder how Mr. Lawitz would react if we sat on other stories that were being reported elsewhere, just to give a source a chance to put a press release together?”

* Pittsburgh Trib-Review’s Ralph Martin named Civitas Media CEO (AP) | (