[UPDATED] Black Lives Matter’s Seattle Crimes website and paper copies Seattle Times design

* Seattle Times

* Seattle Crimes

For Martin Luther King Day, the Seattle Black Lives Matter group created a Seattle Crimes website and newspaper, and put copies of the print edition into Seattle Times boxes. (One Crimes story refers to the Times as “our sister-paper.”)

The Crimes weather blurb predicted showers and gloom, but noted that there was “a chance of change.” | Drop me a line if you know more about Seattle Crimes.

Seattle Times public affairs vice president Jill Mackie tells Romenesko readers:

The issues covered and addressed by the Black Lives Matter group are serious – both in our community and across the country. We support efforts to call attention to these issues in a manner that peacefully advances the just treatment of all people in our society.

At the same time, we certainly don’t support any group for any reason interfering with The Seattle Times relationship with customers/readers, including the use of a look-alike brand in print or digital and the manipulation of newspapers at distribution outlets.

* Seattle Crimes, a newspaper dedicated to black lives (thestranger.com)