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Bill McCleery, who left the Indianapolis Star two months ago, will be managing editor of Gov. Mike Pence’s new “Just IN” news service. A “Just IN” FAQ says:

We expect reporters to find the site useful, and some features are designed specifically for media professionals. Just IN, however, will function as a news outlet in its own right for thousands of Hoosiers — transparent in functioning as a voice of the State of Indiana’s executive branch.

At times, Just IN will break news — publishing information ahead of any other news outlet. Strategies for determining how and when to give priority to such “exclusive” coverage remain under discussion.

The Star points out that Just IN launches just as Pence considers running for president.

“The real story,” says Ball State journalism instructor John Strauss, “is they’re leapfrogging all the mainstream media people.”

Portland Commercial Review publisher Jack Ronald adds: “I have no problem with public information services — the Purdue University agriculture extension service does a great job. But the notion of elected officials presenting material that will inevitably have a pro-administration point of view is antithetical to the idea of an independent press.”

* Pence’s state-run news outlet will compete with other media (
* Indiana’s Pravda? (@krodNM)

In April of 2014, Dave Neese left The Trentonian after four decades as a reporter and editorial writer. He said then that “I’m being eased out the door … the job eliminated for supposed ‘economic’ reasons.”

Neese’s departure was noted on Gawker, my site and others because of this quote he gave to NJ Watchdog: “Well, anyway, what the hell, I’ve been at this so damn long it’s maybe about time somebody gonged me.”

This morning a Romenesko reader noticed that Neese is back in The Trentonian’s opinion pages. I asked the “laid off” journalist what was up. He replied in an email:

images-3After a period at home of driving the dog crazy with my unsolicited commentary, I wound up doing a weekly-or-so spiel for the paper/website. Warning: Pontificating may be addictive!

I’m enjoying it but haunted by the thought: “Is this like one of those battered old pugs who don’t know when to hang up the gloves, even when they have to be pointed in the direction of the ring?” Gulp.

I asked Neese about rumors that he’s back in the paper because of a lawsuit. Not true, he says. “No suit, no rancor, oddly enough as it is to say in these litigious days.”

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* April 2014: Trentonian journalist who runs outside the pack is laid off (


Duly noted. My favorite passage in the University of Wisconsin student journalist’s story is:

The entire building [where munchies are being delivered] reeks of marijuana. On this night, James will deliver orders to this building five times, three of which are to the same specific apartment.

As for the typical customer of the business, [co-assistant manager] Chris outlined his estimate.

“I call it 40-40-20, where 40 percent are drunk or stoned, 40 are not intoxicated and another 20 percent are not students and are older,” he said.

* Stoned & drunk: “The breathtaking honesty of student journalist” (
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Bill Whitaker on Sunday’s “60 Minutes”:
“Six Cleveland cops have been killed in the last 20 years. Danger and stress take their toll. A police officer’s life expectancy here and around the country is ten years shorter than the average American.”

False, says PolitiFact:false

* “60 Minutes” interviews Cleveland’s police chief (
* Cops die ten years earlier than the general population? False! (

– h/t Nicolas Martin

Letter to Romenesko

(Credit: Ed Stein)

(Credit: Ed Stein)

From ED STEIN: After a long career in editorial cartooning (Rocky Mountain News and UFS) and comic strips “Freshly Squeezed,” Universal Uclick), I’m on my own with an internet-only feature. On Wednesday I launch my new webcomic, “Sleeper Ave.” at

I loved newspapering, and I had the best job in the business, drawing editorial cartoons and comic strips. But those forms also came with limitations; newsprint is expensive and the real estate dedicated to cartoons is constantly shrinking as newspaper budgets tighten. The internet allows me the opportunity to tell extended stories in a way I never could in the paper.

I’m partnering with Beacon Reader to fund the project.

* 2012: Ed Stein has had it with political cartooning (



Former Fox 7 Austin employee Phillip Perea killed himself outside of the News Corporation building Monday morning after handing out fliers that said his ex-employer “ended my career.” (One of his last tweets said, “Congratulations Fox, this is all the money I have left to my name, $104”). The Wall Street Journal reports:

A suicide note and a gun were recovered at the scene, the official said. Mr. Perea took to his Twitter page about an hour before the shooting, further criticizing his former employer and linking to a more than 8-minute YouTube video laying out his complaints.

* Former Fox employee shoots himself outside of News Corp. building (
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* From July 2014: Austin alt-weekly on Perea and the Fox station’s GM (

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