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- From a memo to Huffington Post staff

– From a memo to Huffington Post staff

Sorry, Arianna Huffington, but the Washington Post has already started “a positive contagion”:
* Arianna Huffington: We need more happy stories for Facebook (
* Washington Post turns “If it bleeds, it leads” on its head (

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Poynter announced last month that it got a contract – its largest ever – to train thousands of Gannett journalists. Those employees will learn more about their Poynter training at a Tuesday Town Hall Webcast with CEO Gracia Martore. (This is the chain’s second newsroom-of-the-future training program.)
I was slipped a copy of the Poynter/Gannett course list and course descriptions, along with the various training certificates offered to Gannett employees. They include:

* Audience Analyst Certificate
* Community Content Editor Certificate
* Consumer Experience Director Certificate
* Content Coach Certificate
* Content Strategist Certificate
* Engagement Editor Certificate

A Poynter course designed for Gannett content coaches teaches “how you can conduct tough conversations with confidence”; engagement editors learn “how to find potential sources, break news stories and promote your content on LinkedIn”; and executive editors get advice on “how to tell investigative stories with dwindling resources.”

You can check out the full course course list here.

According to artist Miggs Burroughs, Time magazine used “‘The Germans’ Testify” for the headline on his image of Nixon aides John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman in 1973, then decided to kill it.

Burroughs tells “The cover was printed and wrapped around a few hundred thousand issues of the magazine, ready to be distributed, before cooler heads at Time prevailed and had the entire issue pulled and destroyed for its offensive headline.”
Burroughs adds in an email reply to a few questions I had:

I had a total of 4 TIME covers, including Spiro Agnew’s resignation cover, Nixon’s impeachment cover, the death of Charles de Gaulle and a generic oil crisis cover.

For this July 30, 1973 cover, I was asked to portray these two “shadowy” and evil, oval office advisors (thus the gray skin) to Nixon during Watergate.

I was never told what the headline would be. I turned in the art the week before and they loved it and congratulated me on the cover that was scheduled to appear that next Monday.

At some point, and I am not sure when, the assistant to the art director called to tell me that the cover had been killed in mid production, but she had saved a press proof for me. I immediately drove to their New York office to retrieve it.

The artist adds that “this may be the only remaining copy of that cover.” Burroughs says he’s never told the spiked-cover story before.

Any Time alums from that era care to shed more light on this? Email me please.

* A Watergate-era Time magazine cover switch (

From ESPN/ABC reporter Tom Rinaldi’s Wikipedia entry:

* “He did not get accepted into the University of Missouri and he displayed how butt hurt he is to this day…” (

Update: “Butt hurt” has been removed from the entry, but you can see it in this screen shot.

— h/t Bill Reader

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* How do you get an honorary degree from UNC? You gut newsrooms while pocketing huge raises and bonuses, and go years without giving your employees raises. (I’m referring to Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck.) (
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