Morning Report for February 11, 2015

* A couple of guys stepping away from the anchor desk. (Red Eye) | (New York Post)
* Brian Williams exiting “Nightly News” isn’t a big deal, says Andrew Tyndall, because “the nightly newscast is a correspondent’s medium, not one that belongs to its anchor.” (
* Jon Stewart as the anti-Brian Williams. (
* Good advice for young journalists: Ignore people who try to discourage you from doing whatever it is you want to do. (
* Chicago Sun-Times looks to cut up to 15 newsroom positions – about a fifth of its staff. ( | ( || There were layoffs at the San Antonio Express-News, too. (
* USC Annenberg j-school director Willow Bay tells students not to underestimate the importance of feel-good stories. (
* Chinese hackers take over’s “Thought of the Day” widget for three days and used it to distribute malware. (
* Comedy Central’s in rebuilding mode after losing Oliver, Colbert and Stewart. (
* New York Times is experimenting with publishing articles in Spanish. (@lpolgreen)
* NPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen: “Listeners would have benefited from more pushback and context” in a “Morning Edition” interview with one of the Keystone pipeline’s biggest supporters. (
* Noted: The word “countless” appeared 255 times in the past year on NPR’s website, and was used in 112 broadcast transcripts from that same period. (
* University at Buffalo student newspaper’s annual sex issue is too hot for digital publishing platform Issuu. (
* Today’s debate – “Declinists be Damned: Bet on America” – is the 100th for Intelligence2 Debates. (
* The journalist who was fired for his John Boehner post on has some advice for Brian Williams. (
* A request that border newspapers “not scare the living bejesus out of readers” with their drug violence stories. (Steve Fagan)
* Time Warner beats estimates; HBO revenue is up 6.2% for the quarter. (
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