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The note to Times staff from executive editor Dean Baquet:

* Statements from publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Baquet (

Earlier this evening, David Carr moderated a TimesTalk conversation with Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras. You can watch it here.
One of my favorite Carr passages, from last summer:
* The obituary on Friday’s Times page one (@acarvin)

* New York Times media columnist David Carr dies at 58 (
* The Times archive has 1,776 pieces by David Carr (
* “A lovely, wonderful, generous, caring, decent and human human being” (@sethmnookin)


* The Atlantic Monthly table of contents for August 1971 (

I couldn’t find a link to Herbert Gold’s 44-year-old piece. Please let me know if you do.

More recently:
* Hamilton Nolan: First-person pieces mostly “offer run of the mill voyeurism tinged with the desperation of attention addiction” (
* Vice, and the trend of first-person journalism (


I’ve asked New York Times Magazine and New York magazine contributor Wil S. Hylton [upper right] if Jeb Bush ever replied to his email. Update: “Ha, no idea,” he tweets. “When was it? Enviro-left bullshit is a big category, but oppo to nuke power springs immediately to mind.”

Update 2:tweet

He links to this GQ piece from 2008.

* Jeb Bush: My emails with Floridians (
* Wil S. Hylton on Twitter (@wilshylton)



* PDFs of the covers of Thursday’s Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and RedEye.

* Chicago heroes stripped of their U.S. Little League title (

North Jersey Media Group staffers had better cross their fingers and hope there’s not a follow-up seminar on email signatures.

From: [North Jersey Media Group publisher] Lawson, Mike
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 2:46 PM
To: [Fifteen names]
Subject: Please share with your staff…

There is an effort underway to bring some standardization to our email signatures. Our current signatures are all over the place with off-topic quotes, outdated logos and the like. Introducing a template helps with brand identity and it shows some company uniformity.mem I’m sure a note from corporate will come at some point and it may tweak further what I’ve outlined below but I’d like to be ahead of the curve and start updating our own now. I suspect that starting early will also create some feedback on how to handle certain nuances. If you have feedback, please share with your manager and they will share with me.

I realize that we may not get it 100 % correct at first – so I may suggest corrections as I see your updates.

The don’ts: no color, no quotes, no logos and no artwork
The do: all type is 10 pt. Arial (bold name, title and electronic links only)/CONTINUES Read More

- Thursday's Cincinnati Enquirer

– Thursday’s Cincinnati Enquirer

Online headline: Doctor loses license for inappropriately touching patients

* Actual hed in the Cincy Enquirer today (@joesonka) | Online story (

New: “I’m not a prude but isn’t this kind of vulgar for a newspaper?” and other comments
* Check out what my Facebook friends and subscribers say about this hed

* “I was packing for The Oklahoman’s move to our new offices downtown when I came across a stack of newspapers from 1995 wrapped in brown butcher paper….” (
* Baseball fans protest after Detroit News takes longtime Tigers writer Tom Gage off the beat. (
* Bob Simon‘s death “is such a tragedy made worse because we lost him in a car accident, a man who has escaped more difficult situations than almost any journalist in modern times.” ( | “The embodiment of the fearless foreign correspondent.” ( | Simon’s “60 Minutes” piece on Ebola will air Sunday. (
* Update: Baylor University’s student court withdraws the “no-contact” order it delivered to the student newspaper last week. ( | (@bulariat) || Earlier: Baylor’s chief justice doesn’t know about press rights. (
* Charles Lane: “Let the downfall of Brian Williams be a lesson to everyone: The truth matters, including mundane truths about the practice of journalism, in peace or war. And to those of us still in the news biz, for the millionth time: We are not the story.” (
tomt* One of three options considered by NBC was firing Williams. ( | ( || Lester Holt, heir apparent. ( || A New Orleans cop defends Williams. (
* [RIGHT] Editorial cartoon by Tom Toles. (
* Journalism student to Felix Salmon: Bugger off! (Dylan Howlett)
* Boo-f’ing-hoo: Virginia lawmakers felt pressured by the media to vote for ethics reform. (
* Bob Garfield would like to see Jon Stewart on Mount Rushmore. (
* Associated Press Sports Editors group announces its contest winners. (
* Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like to see a lot of bylines on one story. (
* Reminder for media reporters: The Mirror Awards deadline is February 15. (
* Mic spokesman: “Mic takes any allegations of plagiarism seriously and will conduct an internal review [of Jared Keller‘s work] to determine the appropriate next steps.” ( | Keller defended. (
* JOBS: The Sun Herald (Biloxi-Gulfport) is looking for a web producer/reporter. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Frustrating press problems at the Charleston Daily Mail: “Three times in the past two weeks, newspapers have had to be delivered in the afternoon or the next day.” (