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- via Times of San Diego

– via Times of San Diego

Anchor: “The only suspect in a sex assault at SDSU will not be charged”
Good for Fox 5 San Diego graphic designer Thomas Condry for ‘fessing up to the Obama-as-suspect graphic error and setting commenters straight about the station being a Fox News affiliate. (It’s a Tribune Broadcasting property.)

“I’m spending my free time addressing these comments,” Condry writes on the Times of San Diego site, “because I’m in panic-mode. …My mistakes are put on television (let’s write articles about all your mistakes), and this is by far the worst I’ve made.” (It happened on Friday the 13th, by the way.)

Condry tells a commenter who wants an apology from the station: “I absolutely agree that the mistake deserved on-air acknowledgement and an apology. Unfortunately I am not in a position to make that decision. I may not be in any position after Monday haha (half kidding).”

Don’t discipline your refreshingly honest employee, Fox 5 bosses!

Update: The station has apologized.

* Obama depicted as rape suspect in Fox 5 graphic error (