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Letter to Romenesko
From DEAN MILLER, director of Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy:
Re: Stony Brook j-students remembering David Carr. He was generous to us with his time and it made a big impact (see Ariel Dollinger’s piece). We’ll be teaching off this padlet this week, which serves materials to students and faculty. Other J faculty are welcome to hit it as well.

* David Carr in our classrooms at Stony Brook (
* David Carr, professor (

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Idaho Statesman entertainment editor Michael Deeds wonders if this is a copy desk prank. I’ll ask.

* A copy desk prank, perhaps? (@IDS_Deeds) | Smoke (not Coke) + Mirrors (
* “Coke + Mirrors” in stores Tuesday (


The Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) received dozens of calls from readers who were confused by the CANCELLED stamp over a “Blizzard on the way” headline. The paper explains that it was “indicating as boldly as possible that the much-unwelcome storm never materialized.”

I asked managing editor/days Judith Meyer if she had a count of callers, and she replied:

Our customer service folks weren’t keeping a tally at the start, but after “dozens” of calls, we thought it best to post a clarification. So, I really can’t put a number on this, beyond that it was obvious we needed to say something for clarity.

And, for what it’s worth, the readers who called were really upset by the thought they may not be getting their Sun Journal any more, which indicates our value in their daily lives. That’s better, in my opinion, than any cancelled blizzard.

* Newspaper subscriptions have not been canceled (
* PDF of today’s Sun Journal page one (

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Portsmouth (NH) Herald reporter Elizabeth Dinan spotted this February 14 police log item while covering the cops beat over the weekend.

Update: I called the Portsmouth Police Department and talked to Sgt. Chris Roth. “I don’t know why they would have blacked that out,” he says. “The dog’s name is Amber.” The midnight shift is to blame, he adds.

* “And they didn’t issue an Amber Alert?” and more comments (

From the Lexington (NC) Dispatch:

Dispatch editor Chad Killebrew wrote over the weekend

The Dispatch publishes almost all letters to the editor that arrive. [Here is Boyd Thomas’s letter] ….Some folks would like me to [censor] letters and have a stricter threshold for what publishes. But I believe in allowing as many people to voice their opinions as possible, whether I personally agree with their position or not.

I do my best to make sure their points are accurate and edit out anything I know is wrong. Sometimes a person will take a fact and then interpret it in a rather odd way, or they will use what I consider dubious sources to support their position. Those can be challenging to deal with.

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