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* USF urologist performs first penis reduction surgery (

New: Phoenix Home & Garden didn’t mean for “The Big Penis Book” to appear in its photo (

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I’m told New York Daily News associate sports editor Will Pakutka wrote this headline. Lesley Gore, who sang “Judy’s Turn to Cry” and many other 1960’s hits, died Monday of cancer. News sports editor Bill Price tweeted after hearing the news: “No Sunshine, lollipops or rainbows today.”

* Lesley Gore dies at 68 (
* “Judy’s Turn to Cry” lyrics (
* “Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows” lyrics (

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Eighteen months after AOL chief exec Tim Armstrong dismissed creative director Abel Lenz for taking photos at an “all-hands” meeting, former Patch editor Paul Petrone writes about what he calls “one of the worst firings in the history of corporate America.”

Why tell the story now?

“Because I think it should serve as a lesson of exactly what not to do” when firing an employee.

Petrone continues:

Today, I was going to write about the best way to fire someone, as it fits under the broad umbrella of human resource functions, which I primarily write about. But I realized I couldn’t do that without first writing about the worst way to fire someone, which I witnessed myself.

I guess my point to CEOs and managers alike is this – don’t fire people in front of 1,000 colleagues for no real reason. To put it mildly, it doesn’t help morale.

Petrone’s post got me wondering where Lenz landed after getting axed. According to his Twitter bio, he’s now product/design vice president at Opticlose.

* The worst way to fire someone – and I was there (

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Casey Seiler, the Albany Times Union’s Capital bureau chief, reported Monday that former New York State senator Greg Ball’s campaign paid $2,470 to Ball’s current business partner. Ball, who is CEO of Black Stone Global LLC, tweeted:

Seiler responds in a tweet: “Maybe Nixon should have used the sexual-obsession defense against Woodward and Bernstein.”

The journalist writes in an email: “Not the first time the subject of a story has ducked a question. Definitely the first time a subject has employed the feint of telling me I ‘really need to go get laid.'”

I told Seiler that I’d do a need-to-get-laid post about this, and he responded: “My wife will be tickled pink, no doubt.”

* Seiler in November: “Greg Ball launches a new venture and frankly, it is awesome” (

* Jose Antonio Vargas partners with the Los Angeles Times to create content on race, immigration and multiculturalism. (
* Erin Carr at father David’s wake: “I am so sad that he’s not here. But, good lord, he would have loved this!” ( | Carr’s unused reporter’s notebooks were handed out at the wake. (@brianstelter) Tom Snee: “Of all the people who shaped me as a writer, David was in the top two or three.” (
* [RIGHT] New York Times Magazine deputy editor Bill Wasik: “I can’t tweet the cover of the @NYTmag relaunch issue yet, but here’s the thickness: 218 pages on new, better stock.” (@billwasik)
* Howard Kurtz says the thin Oregon governor scandal coverage “speaks volumes about the media’s East Coast bias.” (
* ESPN is scolded for not letting Dick Vitale call Wednesday’s Duke-UNC game. (
* World Press Photo needs to be more exact about its digital manipulation rules, but… (
* Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section is now Business & Tech. (
* Gawker’s Nick Denton disagrees with his writer, Sam Biddle, on the matter of brands. “Sam, you write for a brand within a brand within a brand. In fact, you are yourself a brand: puerile, nihilistic, infuriating, occasionally infuriatingly brilliant.” (
* Caroline Fairchild quits Fortune to become New Economy editor at LinkedIn. ( | (
* Jason Tyler designs today’s Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune from a dimly lit hospital room. (@aurorameyer) | Here’s why: (@JTylerDesign)
* A former Thought Catalog fan complains “the content is now driven by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.” (
* Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record executive editor Barry Lewis witnessed Lady Gaga‘s engagement – and got a column out of it. (
* Mindy Kaling prefers Twitter and Instagram over “time consuming” Facebook. (
* New York investment firm Wingspan now owns 9.1% of newspaper chain Lee Enterprises. (