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No? I could have guessed that.

* Bill O’Reilly calls Brian Stelter “another far left zealot … masquerading as a journalist.” (
* O’Reilly says Mother Jones reporter David Corn deserves to be in “the kill zone.” ( | Apologize, Bill! (
* Check out all of the news organizations that want to use the photo of a mirror that fell at Balthazar restaurant. (@lizeswein) | It’s a 22-graf story in the New York Times. (
* Business Insider may be onto something with its we-didn’t-bother-to-confirm disclaimer. (
jake* New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein (left) “has a boyish charm and an instinct for mixing the fun with the serious.” (
* Ebony editor Mitzi Miller steps down after 10 months on the job. ( | (
* MSNBC insists its primetime lineup “is solid.” (We’ll check back in a month or two on that.) (
* Spring training is “six weeks of journalistic waterboarding.” (
* “Local sports columnist loses his shit.” (@vodscott) | (
* JOBS: The Colorado Independent is looking for an associate editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* More on Gannett’s Louisville paper closing its Washington bureau and creating new beats. (
* Calgary alt-paper Fast Forward Weekly closes after 19 years. (
* A newspaper war breaks out in tiny Butler, Missouri. “I don’t need sympathy,” says an embattled owner. “I need labor. I need layout. I need workers.” (


“Lex Fenwick at a fashion show?” asks the Dow Jones employee who sent this photo. “I’m told it is really him, but I’m not certain 100 percent.” Help us out, please, Dow Jones employees. (Drop me a confidential note at

Fenwick resigned – the Guardian said “ousted” – as Dow Jones CEO in January of 2014, after less than two years with the company. His departure followed a dismal earnings report.

Update: Fenwick’s Instagram photos.

* Lex and Ikue Fenwick attend Wednesday’s Rolando Santana runway show ( | More photos of Lex and Ikue (



Stephen Merrill’s family made up this Batman tale, according to WFTS-TV, because the official cause of death wasn’t known and the Lakeland (FL) Ledger’s policy requires one for an obituary to be published.

That struck me as odd: a newspaper has a policy that forces people to make up stories?

I called Ledger editor Lenore Devore and she said the obituary could have gone in without a cause of death because the paper’s policy changed last year. The ad department handled the Merrill obit, she said. (I’ve left two messages for advertising director Shawn McKenna-Deane.)

Merrill’s friends and family say they’re pleased with the obituary.

“He wouldn’t have wanted you to come across his obit and be sad,” says one pal. “He would have wanted you to come across the obit and laugh and have your spirits lifted.”

* Man’s obituary has “uppercut from Batman” as cause of death (

“Now we are about to take our coverage up another notch.”
New York Times business editor Dean Murphy and deputy business editor Peter Lattman on Pui-Wing Tam being named technology editor:

Cybersecurity breaches. Billion-dollar start-ups. A flourishing on-demand economy. Staggering personal wealth. And cocky corporate behemoths, including one enroute to an unprecedented market value of $1 trillion. There is no more compelling or exciting business story than Silicon Valley and the broader world of technology, as our ace team of tech reporters and editors demonstrate over and over again.
Now we are about to take our coverage up another notch.

Pui-Wing Tam, one the most talented and intrepid journalists in Silicon Valley, is joining BizDay as our new technology editor. Pui-Wing has been running Bloomberg’s technology coverage in San Francisco for the past two years, after nearly two decades at The Wall Street Journal in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

As a reporter, Pui-Wing is probably best known for having been responsible for the downfall of Carly Fiorina as CEO of Hewlett-Packard in 2005 — and for the extraordinary events that followed. Ms. Fiorina launched an investigation into who might have leaked information to Pui-Wing, and the rest is Silicon Valley infamy. HP’s investigators used the last four digits of her Social Security number to obtain her phone records, they reviewed videotape of her on the job, and they monitored the trash at her home. “Whether the sleuths ever encountered my toddler’s dirty diapers, HP said it doesn’t know,” Pui-Wing later wrote after the company came clean about the surveillance./CONTINUES Read More

The cover of the latest Elmhurst (IL) College Leader:

I’ve asked editor Zachary Bishop how the cover was received on campus. I’ll post his response when/if it comes in.

* Elmhurst College Leader digital edition ( | Leader website (


Business Insider’s headline…

…and the disclaimer

* “I love the disclaimer at the bottom of this Business Insider story” (@aysrick)

— Note: The disclaimer – or part of it – has been moved to the second paragraph.

* On NPR over the past year, attribution to “officials” was heard 2,022 times; “critics,” 1,055 times; “experts,” 636 times; and “analysts, 351 times. (
* Las Vegas Review-Journal and other Stephens Media properties are sold to GateHouse Media’s parent company for $102.5 million. ( | (
* [RIGHT] “Wow! This picture from @BostonGlobe this morning…these people are walking thru mountains!” (@kenbarlowTV) | “That picture is perfect.” (@BostonGlobe) (Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi)
* “Embrace what you are good at,” and other lessons from Hunter S. Thompson on the 10th anniversary of his death. (
* City of Henderson (NV) revokes a policy stating employees can be fired for talking to reporters. (
* Tea Party News Network staffers quit over the company’s “despicable practices.” (
* Brian Williams steps down from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation board. (
* The Roswell (NM) Daily Record is blasted for its Martin Luther King/Cesar Chavez street signs cartoon. (
* Vice News is doing a weekly talk show on YouTube. (
* JOBS: The Colorado Independent is looking for an associate editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Gene Weingarten on an op-ed with a celebrity’s byline … that wasn’t written by the celeb. (
* Former Bloomberg Washington correspondent Megan Hemmerlein says she was fired after taking maternity leave; she’s suing. (
* Noted: A duck’s surgery is live-tweeted. (