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Former Washingtonian editor Jack Limpert, who put out the cover on the left in 1982, read Time’s piece from the latest issue (“actually good journalism”) and concluded that “you might live to 142 but you’ll be four feet tall, almost blind, diabetic, and, if you’re a man, beware of shrunken testicles.”

He adds: “As an editor, I’d be a little embarrassed about coming up with that live-to-be-142 cover to sell some good reporting.”

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Investigative reporter Ken Silverstein has resigned from First Look Media’s The Intercept after 14 months, saying he and others were hired “under what were essentially false pretenses [by being] told we would be given all the financial and other support we needed to do independent,inter important journalism, but instead found ourselves blocked at every step of the way by management’s incompetence and bad faith.”

He adds:

The most telling example, was what happened to [First Look Media site] Racket. I won’t repeat that whole story but I will say that after the company forced Matt Taibbi to resign — and they left him no choice — and then told the rest of the staff that perhaps we could all continue working on a version of Racket without Matt.

None of us really believed it and in the end it was clear First Look had no intention of proceeding with such a project, it just a game it played so Pierre Omidyar and other people in the corporate leadership would look like they seriously cared about the Racket staff when in fact they clearly didn’t.

Silverstein’s story about his time at the Omidyar-owned news site is set to “Friends Only” on Facebook, but the former Harper’s Washington editor gave me permission to share it with Romenesko readers. His posts begin after the jump./CONTINUES Read More