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National Review’s roving correspondent lashes out at a PolitiFact deputy editor. The kerfuffle is explained here.

News item: Negative tweets may indicate higher risk of heart disease (

On the day the New York Times debuted its 220-page revamped magazine – its largest issue ever – the McClatchy-owned Kansas City Star published its last Sunday Magazine.

Staff writer Cindy Hoedel says it was “a proud publication that was ahead of its time when it launched in January 1970 and that outlasted most of its counterparts at other daily newspapers.”

She tells readers that “the spirit of mag stories — the deep profiles, the quirky stories, the gorgeous photos — is not going away. You will find them on our site at and throughout the newspaper.”

Features assistant managing editor Kathy Lu declined to answer my questions about the magazine and its demise.

Are there any McClatchy papers still publishing Sunday magazines? Please post in comments or send me an email.

* Kansas City Star Magazine folds after 45 years (
* New York Times Magazine relaunches with its largest issue ever (

Sign at today’s Silicon Valley women’s leadership conference
* No interviews with Clinton, Von Furstenberg and others | More from the event (@danmericaCNN)
* Clinton to give keynote address at women’s conference (

Update: Kara Swisher’s chat with Clinton is live-blogged (

The person who sent this memo writes: “Thursday, 2/26 is the day new job applications are due at the Louisville Courier-Journal, or employees can not apply and be eligible for a buyout equivalent to one week’s pay for every year worked. To ease this fear-based culture, Gannett is pouring some chocolate on it.”

From: Morgan, Veda
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 5:39 PM
To: lcj-NEWS-everyone
Subject: Let’s eat chocolate

I know this is a difficult time for many of us, but I’d still like to celebrate the great work that you do each week. So please gather with me at 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 26, in the fun room/innovation area (former home of the data desk). Mary Pat was gracious enough to get us a chocolate fountain and treats for dipping. So come have some chocolate-covered goodies and let’s give away some money to one of our Good Work honorees. Thanks. I hope to see you there.


Veda W. Morgan
News Director
The Courier-Journal

Update – Courier-Journal photojournalist Scott Utterback writes in comments: “This is something we do every month. It’s not always chocolate but it’s something nice. Most of us enjoy it and I can guarantee the leaker has attended and enjoyed multiple ones. Glad they didn’t provide any context.”

* Courier-Journal’s new job descriptions are heavy on “young” and “younger” (

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Letter to Romenesko
From ABEL HARDING, Jacksonville, FL: A kid died after falling out of a tree. Yesterday, the tree surgeon company owner was sentenced to 15 years in prison. And a Jacksonville television reporter, Scott Johnson of WJXT-4, interviewed the family. His live standup was him dressed as a lumberjack on a ladder with a chainsaw. I’ve seen local news blow a lot of things, but this was shocking in its pure exploitation.

* Tree trimming accident sentence (

I’ve asked Johnson about his report.


“Dan Rather. He’s been there. He’ll be there.”CBS News promo from 1988

Brian Williams: “He’s been there. He’ll be there.”

* 1988: “Dan Rather. He’s been there. He’ll be there” at 0:18 mark (
* 2015: Brian Williams “Been there/Be there” ad from The Week (

Update: Ouch!

– h/t Scott Charton


From a Tuesday New York Times story:
* “People threaten New York Times reporters all the time. They’re just usually less stupid about the way they do it.” (@bcappelbaum)
* Bill O’Reilly threatens New York Times reporter Emily Steel. (
* Former O’Reilly producer Joe Muto tweets: “Major, major unforced error by Bill. …Roger [Ailes] has been giving him free rein to fight back til now but they’re going to put a muzzle on him after tonight. …He’s trying not to let it show, but Mother Jones got under his skin to an extent I haven’t seen since the Olbermann years.” (@joemuto)
* Fox is such a swell place! says Maria Bartiromo. (
* Walt Mossberg: “Media companies and creators seem to be entering a new period of confusion.” (
tweet* Calm down now: There’s a link between angry tweets and heart disease. (
* Lessons from Politico’s Mike Allen. (“If you wonder if it’s OK, it’s probably not.”) (
* Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson on her startup paying writers $100,000 per story: “Since when did we decide that writers should be paid nothing? I mean, [the reaction to that figure] surprised me.” (
* Former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines discusses covering the civil rights movement. (
* Chicago press critic Michael Miner finds a column from 1995 about “buyout fever” in the “decimated Sun-Times newsroom.” (
* [SPONSORED] A&E editors: Give your readers national bands and LOCAL content with every feature. (
* A “prominent political editor” admits to Paul Farhi that “there are way more political writers than political news.” (
* Tom Scocca calls Dylan Byers “the dumbest media reporter alive.” ( | Byers: “Tom Scocca was so nice and meek when we sat next to each other at the Mirror Awards.” (@dylanbyers)
* JOBS: The Colorado Independent is looking for an associate editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* “Calculus” and other words New York Times journalists love too much. (
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