Weekly owner wants to buy the Greensboro News & Record from Warren Buffett

- Rhino Times owner's letter to Warren Buffett

– Rhino Times owner’s letter to Warren Buffett

Roy Carroll, whose investment portfolio includes the Rhino Times weekly, wants to buy the Greensboro (NC) News & Record from Warren Buffett’s BH Media for $16 million.

Carroll tells the billionaire investor “that this is not a publicity stunt but a bona fide offer” and “I have developed a business plan to turn the News & Record around and to hopefully make it a viable business.”

The News & Record, in my opinion, has drifted far left of center in terms of its coverage and stories. I believe that this drift far to the left has hurt the News & Record in terms of readership and ad sales. …I would prune back some of the writers that have gone so far left of center and hire writers that were less dogmatic in their far left of center news coverage and opinions.

Carroll says his News & Record would be a “middle of the road” publication, complemented with the weekly Rhino Times’ “typical political commentary and coverage of city, county and state news.” The Times is a conservative newspaper.

The bid and letter were submitted this week. I’m checking to see if Carroll has heard back.

Buffett has owned the News & Record for 25 months. Carroll has owned the Rhino Times for 18 months.

* A letter to Mr. Buffett (rhinotimes.com)

– h/t John Robinson