Morning Report for February 27, 2015

* Caroline O’Donovan: “I don’t know what the future of journalism is. …I know that blogs aren’t dead. I know that Twitter isn’t over. I know that people still read print.” (
* The New York Daily News, which owner Mort Zuckerman wants to unload, loses about $20 million annually. (
* New York Post: It appears Mort’s ready to toss in the towel. [Post graphic below.] (
* How the Washington Post got its Jihadi John story. (
* Fort Lauderdale’s homeless newspaper isn’t allowed at a press conference about a cop slapping a homeless man. (
* Financial Times reports a profitable 2014, with total circulation growing 10%. ( | (
* A Marine says AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus “spent years traveling the world in order to bring it closer to us.” (
* New York Times kills its “Home” section. (
* Washington Post does a post on what people said about the Post’s “comprehensive” llama coverage. (
* A Mamie Eisenhower letter anyone? Washington Star society columnist Betty Beale‘s belongings are being sold this week. She died in 2006 at age 94. (
* Milwaukee Journal Sentinel jumps on “sinking ship” Scripps. (
* Page Six says Lara Logan was rushed to the hospital with internal bleeding. (
* Billy Penn founder Jim Brady plans to launch sites in two cities this year, and two in 2016. (
* Bill O’Reilly brings back “guttersnipe.” (
* JOBS: The Colorado Independent is looking for an associate editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* What Yelp users say about The New Yorker. (
* The video of last week’s Re/code conversation with Gawker chief Nick Denton is now online. (
* Google has second thoughts about banning adult content on Blogger. (
* Instagram is called “a welcome mat for sexual predators.” (
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