Daily Archives: February 28, 2015

* Boston Globe’s Thomas Farragher recalls an editor who “generously gave me the chance to learn by my mistakes.” One of them: Letting the F-word get on the front page. (
* What went down at BuzzFeed on The Night of the Dress: ( | “There was a crowd of people looking at this photo and yelling at each other,” says the BuzzFeed staffer who posted the photo. (
* Tabloids’ tributes to Leonard Nimoy: ( | (
* Frank Bruni wishes the media would stop hyping the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. (
* Ratter, a recently launched website, was turned down when it tried to buy ads on diner placemats. The problem: “Content regarding Justin Beaver [sic] that was not considered family material.” (
* Veteran NPR producer Alex Blumberg now wants to creat “the HBO of podcasting.” (
* The fifteen Guild members taking Chicago Sun-Times buyouts include five photographers, the TV critic and an ace feature writer. (
* Is Bill O’Reilly making stuff up, or just bloviating? asks WaPo. (
* A deal to sell Boston Globe’s headquarters collapses. ( | (
* The Observer drops New York from its name. (
* Former Dow Jones CEO Lex Fenwickrecently seen at a Fashion Week event – is named to the Phorm Corp. board. (