Brian Stelter on Brian Williams: ‘I believe he can have a second chance somewhere’

Brian Stelter via YouTube

Brian Stelter at the college journalism convention

CNN’s Brian Stelter told student journalists at the Associated Collegiate Press’ National College Journalism Convention over the weekend: “I think [Brian Williams] can actually revolutionize what we think of as television news if he did it with a little more humor – if he’s willing to call BS BS. …There’s a real opportunity for him to try something new. …I’d love to watch ‘The Daily Show with Brian Williams.'”

Stelter was a last-minute replacement for the late David Carr – “the most influential, most important media reporter of our time.” The “Reliable Sources” host told students that “I wish I wasn’t up here. You guys seem great, and I’m happy to meet you all. But I do wish David was here.”

* Stelter would love to see Williams host “The Daily Show” (
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