Morning Report for March 2, 2015

* Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian finally gets a lawyer after being held in Iran for seven months – but not the one he wants. (
* Journalism students are helping with Columbia Journalism Review’s revamp. “They have a view of journalism that people that have been in it longer don’t have,” says editor Liz Spayd. (
* The editor of Gannett’s largest paper in Wisconsin – the Green Bay Press-Gazette – touts the newsroom’s “big bold moves,” then announces he’s not sticking around. (
* Cablevision boss James Dolan is interested in the New York Daily News. (
* [RIGHT] Nice to see newlyweds with a sense of humor. ( | Cooper-Palm announcement. (
* Bill O’Reilly is a performance artist, not a journalist. ( | Phone recordings catch O’Reilly lying. (
* At Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times, “one point of contention within the newsroom is the sense that management has not been forthright about the scope of the paper’s problems.” (
* U-T San Diego’s photo editor didn’t want to run a front-page ISIS photo, but he was overruled by the editor. (
* Today’s Dori Maynard memorial service will be livestreamed. (
* Bob Ryan: Why do reporters need to talk to athletes? (
* Gannett says Carl Icahn has withdrawn his board nominees. (
* “Pretty much everyone is a publisher in the modern day,” says Medium’s Ev Williams. (
* Wesleyan’s student paper isn’t naming the students arrested in the Molly overdoses cases – at least for now. (
* Leonard Nimoy did not play Dr. Benjamin Spock! ( | It’s been corrected.
* The holdings in T. Rowe Price’s Media and Telecommunications Fund indicate “Wall Street sees no future in print,” writes Jack Limpert. (
* “We’ve reimagined every aspect of the Wired experience,” writes editor Scott Dadich. “And we have improved it” with a redesign. (
* Jack Shafer tips us off to the California Digital Newspaper Collection. (@jackshafer)
* Jessica Bennett: “I went out with a guy based on his use of dashes once. ..This man used a proper em dash.” (
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