Morning Report for March 3, 2015

* Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny quits ABC News for CNN. ( | “Can’t wait to join the team.” (@jeffzeleny)
* After panning a play about graffiti, Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times theater critics are called “old white people” working for “dying papers” who “don’t want to celebrate stories about youth culture who have been systematically denied agency.” (
* Baltimore Sun cartoonist KAL wins the 2015 Herblock Prize. ( (@jeffzeleny)new
* [RIGHT] New Mexico residents have fun with New York Times Magazine’s map mistake. ( | (@RebeccaHLatham) | (@NewMexico)
* New York Observer editor Ken Kurson says his pro-Kremlin writer provides “compelling content.” Eyebrow-raising: “Mikhail Klikushin … has no online presence — in English or Russian — beyond the stories he has written for the Observer.” (
* Blair Anthony Robertson is no longer reviewing restaurants for the Sacramento Bee. ( | Earlier: Robertson on being critical vs. being mean. (
* Ombud: NPR did not interview Will Forte in exchange for ads – er, underwriting – promoting his new Fox comedy series. (
* March Madness fun: PBS vs. NPR. (
* Andrew Lack is in talks to return to NBC News. ( | (
* Publishers Weekly’s Bookstore of the Year finalists have been announced. (
* WWBS (What Would Ben Say?): I love how Sally Quinn doesn’t have a problem with Bill O’Reilly‘s “totally selective” memory of events. (
* Journalism students videotape a message to their “favorite anchormen,” O’Reilly and Brian Williams. (
* Two Springfield (IL) TV newsmen lose their jobs over a fight at Hooters. (
* Providence Journal building is close to being sold. (
* Noted: The word “swath” appears hundreds of times a year in the New York Times. (
* “My nominee for headline of the day,” writes Romenesko reader Paul Murray, “is from a Wall Street Journal blog”: (