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KVIA-TV (El Paso, TX) reporter Pilar Arias closed her Thursday 10 p.m. report this way:

“I would like to thank the El Paso ISD [Independent School District] public information team for giving me this information tonight to give it to you first before you hear it anywhere else.”

The El Paso Times, which had the schools story before Arias’s report, asks:

“Since when does a journalist thank a ‘PR team’ for doing what they’re supposed to do, which is provide the media with information?”

I noticed that Arias’s online script doesn’t include her shout-out to the PR team.

* KVIA incorrectly hypes exclusive, thanks PR staff for giving them the story (
* Watch Arias’s report, with her thanks at about the 1:50 mark (

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A higher education reporter requesting anonymity writes in an email: “This may be the first time in my 35 years as a reporter that I’ve had an offer to simply put my byline on an article and submit it as my own. Of course, you have to include a link to her website at the bottom of it. I wonder if they will find any takers. Certainly not me!”

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The best part of the Boston Globe memo about Bryan Bender quitting the paper and joining Politico is the Yankees cap anecdote.

Globe Friends,

Back in 2001, an enterprising defense reporter in Washington had the brilliant idea of showing up for his job interview at the Boston Globe Bureau wearing a New York Yankees cap.
It’s a good thing the bureau chief at the time, David Shribman (now editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), overlooked this transgression. Practically on the spot, he hired the candidate, Bryan Bender.

“That is true. I told him to burn it,” Shribman said, confirming the story of the Yankees cap in an email Friday, which, sadly, is Bryan’s last day at the Globe.

Bryan reports for work later this month at Politico, where he will be the new national security editor./CONTINUES Read More

BuzzFeed: Evil or rad?
* University at Buffalo Spectrum features editor: “Viral posts are chipping away at journalism, taking people’s attention away from real issues. Other news sources have to reduce their standards to compete with BuzzFeed for attention on the Internet.”
* Spectrum’s managing editor: “BuzzFeed forces you to understand current events. With the average American reading at a 7th or 8th grade reading level, according to National Assessment of Adult Literacy, BuzzFeed keeps most of their content short, sweet and to the point”

* Why BuzzFeed is ruining journalism (
* BuzzFeed’s the best site on the Internet (

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* The U.S. government pays the Toledo Blade $18,000 for taking its photographer’s cameras and deleting photos. (
* Andrew Lack returns to NBC News as chairman. ( | Will he bring back Katie Couric? (The two have been talking.) (
* “Insiders feel a reversal of Brian Williams’ fortunes under Lack is in no way a fait accompli,” writes Brian Steinberg. (
* New York Post media reporter Keith Kelly runs into Mort Zuckerman and tries to pump him about the Daily News sale. (
* Orange County Register website’s new “evening edition” is heavy on entertainment, food coverage, and features. (
* Newsweek is making a little money, and “we’re investing it back into the product,” says editor Jim Impoco. (
* Time Inc. cuts jobs, but is still allowed to keep its taxpayer subsidy. (
* An 11-year-old Colorado girl launches a blog that covers local government. “I wanted kids to know what was happening in their neighborhood but not having to (attend) all these events and I’m trying to translate it into their kid kind of way,” she says. (
* [SPONSORED] Deadline is approaching (March 15) for the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism. (
* New Orleans Times-Picayune print edition “will continue to be part of our mission and our business plan for many years to come.” (
* Michael Wolff hates “House of Cards” season three. (
* “I don’t know if local [TV] news outlets tweeting links to faraway stories without saying where the news event happened is a new thing.” It’s not; Milwaukee’s WISN has been doing it for a long time. (
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The March issue of Mpls.St. Paul features 15 male chefs on the cover, and no women. A group of female chefs and restaurateurs tell the magazine:

We’re outraged at the viewpoint taken by the cover and subsequent editorial comments on the March issue of Mpls St. Paul Magazine depicting the best chefs of the Twin Cities as all male. It’s a false and embarrassing representation of our diverse food community.

Restaurant critic Mecca Bos writes in City Pages: “Conventional wisdom says that there simply aren’t very many top female chefs, and if we choose to pluck one or two women and hold them up as tokens, the result is disingenuous and untrue. But female chefs are crying bullshit.”

Mpls.St.Paul food and dining editor Stephanie March defends the all-male cover:

People have suggested that we should have included women in the picture just to be more fair.

Quite honestly, isn’t the “token” metric just as offensive as a blind eye? I happen to be female, and I think so. I hope that when you read my words you think “that Steph March is one crisp cookie” not “that Steph March is one crisp cookie, for a girl.”

We judged them on their food, on their restaurant, not their religion, sexual preference, or gender.

Update: I asked Mpls.St.Paul editorial director Jayne Haugen Olson about the flap and she responded:

Our dining team chose to turn the spotlight on a dozen ‘best of the best’ that are pushing boundaries/elevating the local dining scene. The debate and discussion was always about the food/the restaurants and who is creating it regardless of race, gender or sexual preference.

Did we anticipate the level of criticism from the local women in the restaurant community? We anticipated some criticism, but again, we stand by our story of highlighting these top 12 restaurants.

* Where are the women? (
* The missing women of Mpls.St.Paul’s cover photo (
* “I thought: Crap, I wish there was at least one woman here” (