They’ve written the story; now it just needs your byline!

A higher education reporter requesting anonymity writes in an email: “This may be the first time in my 35 years as a reporter that I’ve had an offer to simply put my byline on an article and submit it as my own. Of course, you have to include a link to her website at the bottom of it. I wonder if they will find any takers. Certainly not me!”

The full email is after the jump.

From: “”
Date: Friday, March 6, 2015 1:21 PM
Subject: College Admissions Article Attached for Your Use!

Dear Media Colleague:

On behalf of college admissions expert Pamela Donnelly and our staff here in Los Angeles, we hope this letter finds you well.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating the free article enclosed — with our permission, feel free to add a byline and run it. You may also write back to request a brief interview. Perhaps you’d like to create your own article based on an angle of higher education your readers will find of most interest.

Ms. Donnelly hopes you will allow your reader to benefit from her expertise. She would be happy to discuss any matters of secondary education, including insider tips for college admissions, financial and scholarship aid secrets, education reform, standardized testing, and her new bestselling book, 4 Keys to College Admissions Success. (Note, her first book SWAT Team Tactics for Getting Your Teen Into College went all the way to the #1 spot in education on Amazon in February 2014.)

She would also be pleased to offer her insights on higher education trends at any time.

Attached please find a complimentary article that may be reproduced without payment or restriction. We only ask that you please notify our office in the instance of publication in order for us to track usage, and include a link to her website at the bottom of any article utilized ( With your reply to this email, we will send periodic further “freebies” to help spread the word.

We invite you to view her website for footage of recent on-camera interviews with Time Magazine, Fox News, and other domestic media outlets. Of interest, she now contributes regularly to Carnegie Communications for their CollegeXpress website, and other major international online forums. Join the parade!

I am standing by to answer any questions and facilitate including her work in your publication.

Thank you,

Aline Hesse
Social Media Director and Publicity Coordinator

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