Laid-off Burlington Free Press reporter Tim Johnson wins a ‘Best of Gannett’ award

Tim Johnson, who was laid off by Gannett’s Burlington Free Press last October, has won a “Best of Gannett” award.
It was announced in late February that Johnson took third place in the Narrative Writing/Voice category and was praised by judges “for insightful reporting and storytelling” and being “committed to engaging the reader with crisp, deep reporting and delightful narrative and tone.”

John Walters reports:

Somehow the Free Press never bothered to report this great victory. And it’s usually so quick to brag about any honor it wins, no matter how trumped-up.

Here’s a final indignity: The awards come with cash prizes. Unfortunately for Tim, the money goes not to the writers, but to their employers. Or, in Tim’s case, ex-employer. [UPDATE: That’s not correct; see the comments section.]

Are there other laid-off journalists on this list? If you spot any, please let me know.

* Gannett honors laid-off Vermont journalist (