There’s nothing sadder than a newsroom espresso machine that’s out of order

Tweeted after Lex Fenwick was fired as Dow Jones CEO in January 2014:
A Romenesko reader sends the photo below and a note with the subject line “Lex’s Legacy,”lexcoffee referring to ousted Dow Jones CEO Lex Fenwick:

“Known for his purple suits and taste for modern art, Fenwick imposed his flashy style on the more button-down atmosphere of Dow Jones. He tore down office walls to create an open floor plan, installed a low-hanging crystal chandelier, and provided pricey espresso machines that one person familiar with the matter said cost about $30,000.

“Rob Copeland, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal quipped on Twitter after the news [about Fenwick’s dismissal] was announced: ‘.@newscorp CEO confirms: @WSJsnackbar coffee machines sticking around.'”

I’m told that there’s a repairperson at the Journal at this hour, so staffers can soon put away their Starbucks VIA packs and drink decent coffee again.

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