Wrong Parker Rice, CNN (and how many other media outlets?)


The Dallas Morning News has the correct Parker Rice, a graduate of the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. The paper reports:

The 19-year-old Rice has erased his social media presence; so has most of his family, including his mother, who has deleted her Facebook page. The father’s work phone number has been disconnected; the house number is not accepting any further voice mail messages.

And a recently posted story about Rice and his brothers — one of whom is also a SAE member at OU — was deleted this week from the Dallas school’s website.

Update: The Dallas paper has just posted the expelled student’s apology. It says in part: “I clearly dismissed an important value I learned at my beloved high school, Dallas Jesuit. We were taught to be ‘Men for Others.’ I failed in that regard, and in those moments, I also completely ignored the core values and ethics I learned from my parents and others.”

* Jesuit school president says graduate appears to be leading racist chant (dallasnews.com)

– Facebook image via @_Ally_Jay