Morning Report for March 11, 2015

* The AP sues to get Hillary Clinton‘s emails. (
* Rupert Murdoch: “Hillary’s email problem won’t just pass, but run and run” – with help from the New York Post, of course. (@rupertmurdoch)
* “The press is right to cover assiduously Hillary’s email controversy,” but… (
* Brian who? The Lester Holt-anchored “NBC Nightly News” scores its biggest lead over newscast rivals. (
* Keith Olbermann is “very sympathetic” to Brian Williams. ( | Watch the segment: (
* Olbermann tells David Letterman: “The key to [Twitter] is, don’t read any tweet that has your own name in it.” (
* Ex-NBC News correspondent Lisa Myers says “most of the political coverage [on TV] these days has all the depth of Twitter.” (
* Study: Women are far more likely than men to freelance to make extra money. (
* The AP announces its political reporting lineup. (
* Jay Rosen and his NYU students launch their Future NYT site. (
* The collapse of Gigaom “can be read as a cautionary tale of the risks of taking VC funding.” (
* Reuters boss on axing Jack Shafer and others: “We discovered that we did a lot better with our readers when we focused our commentary on news events that were occurring pretty much as they were occurring.” (
* The very thin Chicago Sun-Times print edition starts running USA Today-branded content. CEO Tim Knight claims readers want more international and national news. (Wrong; they want local coverage.) (
* I predict Howard Stern will renew with SiriusXM … but with even more time off and broadcasting flexibility. (
* GateHouse Media CEO Kirk Davis claims he’s trying to figure out how to fund local journalism and to “preserve front-line reporting resources.” Last week he laid off a bunch of journalists. (
* “I just don’t want this paper to be a Gannett or a GateHouse or something like that,” says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Packers writer and Guild chief. (
* [SPONSORED] Apply for the $10,000 Osborn Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia. (Asia Society)
* Career advice from Suze Orman: Listen to your gut and own the power to control your future. (
* RIP Pulitzer-winning journalist Claude Sitton. ( | (
* In Las Vegas, it’s Greenspun Media vs. Stephens Media. (
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