Yup, Joe Trippi *is* a ‘quotable consultant’


- From today's Washington Post story on "quotable consultants"

– From today’s Washington Post story on “quotable consultants”

- From today's Washington Post story on HRC and yoga

– From today’s Washington Post story on HRC and yoga

Letter to Romenesko
From DONALD SCHILLER: Thought you might be interested in page 2 of today’s Style section of The Washington Post.

In the middle of the page is the jump of a story from the cover on political consultants who are used to provide quotes for stories they may know little about. The story quotes Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant who is often called to comment about the Hillary Clinton news of the day and most recently her email habits. He says: “There isn’t a campaign to call about the e-mails, so reporters have to call someone like me or Paul Begala. Hopefully they find someone who is closer to her than I am.”

So, who is quoted in the story above that one? None other than Joe Trippi, who comments to the Reliable Source about Ms. Clinton’s yoga habits (I’m sure this is something he knows a great deal about.)

“It makes her more relatable,” says veteran Democratic strategist Joe Trippi. “Yogi is to 2016 what jogging was to, like, 1990.” When voters saw former presidents Bill Clinton or George W. Bush jogging, he says, “they would think, ‘Hey, I like to jog, too.’ It’s the same thing now with yoga, for women in particular.’ “”

Seems Mr. Trippi’s not such a bad source after all – if you really need one.

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