Morning Report for March 16, 2015

* Just 13% of millennials say they use Twitter as a daily source of news, while 88% say they get news from Facebook at least occasionally. (
econ* Bill Simmons says of Grantland: “I think we have the best multimedia site right now. I don’t even know who we’re competing with.” (
* Grantland’s Mark Titus writes about getting over depression and being “thankful just to be alive.” ( | h/t @sportsrapport
* [RIGHT] “The people at The Economist somehow thought this was a good cover.” (@AdamSerwer)
* No way NBC can put Brian Williams back in the anchor chair! (
* Chuck Todd praises NBC for its handling of the Williams controversy. ( Video autoplay)
* USA Today gets into bed with IndyCar. (
* Mexican politicians accuse Tijuana’s Frontera and its sister newspapers of extortion. (
* Talks by Esquire’s Chris Jones and other journalists will be livestreamed today from Mizzou. (
* Ezra Klein only seems like a former Timesman. (@Hadas_Gold)
* Ugly comments about bike-tire news prompt this observation: “Sure, you’ll get a lot of ‘likes’ on Facebook for busting out the bile, but in the real world, nobody likes a dick.” (
* Conde Nast Germany goes after a fashion blogger for image use. (Fashion Copious) | Editor’s follow-up: (Fashion Copious)
* Rex Sorgatz on how TiVo and other technologies both imperiled and propelled “The Daily Show.” (
* University of Texas humor magazine editors are elected to student government president and veep. (