Morning Report for March 18, 2015

* Tucker Carlson won’t let Daily Caller writers criticize Fox News. Mickey Kaus, who quit over the policy, writes: It’s a larger problem on the right: Everybody is scared of Fox.” ( | (
* Los Angeles Times no longer tells readers how many pages are in the paper. (
* The Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) building was evacuated Wednesday morning after five pieces of “suspicious” mail with powder or dust were found. (
* A plea for news sites to put live captioning on streams. “It’s stunning how little they seem to care” for the hearing impaired. (
* [RIGHT] How Schock’s resignation played in Peoria. ( | Hometown paper’s editorial: “For once we really are shocked.” ( | Schock’s Instagram account is now private. (
* After the government’s pursuit of James Risen,”reporters and editors are looking over their shoulders more warily than ever before. That is because they need to.” (
* How events can change between editions. (@davemagerwbz)
* AP’s Robert Durst/Limp Bizkit blooper was shared 12,000 times. (
* New York Daily News photo chief Alexander Hitchen quits after three years and heads to Bauer Publishing. ( | (
* Work in Hawaii: Civil Beat is looking for an investigative editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Tech journalist Molly Wood leaves the New York Times for Marketplace. (
* Vacationing in Washington D.C. this summer? Kids get into the Newseum for free July 1 through September 7. (