The Gannett Way: Cut newsroom staff after boosting the CEO’s compensation

March 17: Gannett gives CEO Gracia Martore a $4.5 million boost in total compensation; her 2014 package was $12.4 million. (
March 18: Gannett’s USA Today offers buyouts to about 90 staffers in “its latest effort to cut costs.” The paper aims to get rid of mature journalists. (

USA Today publisher Larry Kramer writes in a memo:

Regardless of the acceptance level of the Early Retirement Opportunity Program, we cannot rule out other actions that we may need to take in the future because of economic and business conditions.

To remain highly competitive and aggressively keep in front of shifting consumer trends, we need to continue to ensure that our resources are best applied across the organization. While we’ve accomplished much already to transition the business, more remains to be done and we need to continue to ensure that staffing meets our current needs.

Just after announcing his intention to cut staff, Kramer touted the importance of reporting:

* USA Today offers buyouts to veteran staffers (