Evening Report for March 19, 2015

* Just asking: Is this your typical House Judiciary Committee press release? (house.gov)
* Michael Oreskes, NPR’s new editorial director, says “the scarcest resource in journalism right now is attention span.” (npr.org)
* WTF?! “Before I interview with you, you must agree to make nigger be the first word in your article.” (reason.com)
* New York Times bosses “are really, really focused on mobile right now.” (adage.com)PIZZA
* The body found in the Passaic River is identified as missing Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird. (nj.com)
* [RIGHT] San Francisco Chronicle’s pizza recipe from 1947 is “a culinary travesty.” (sfgate.com)
* Meet the first journalists to use Meerkat. (muckrack.com)
* JOBS: A new NYC-based website is looking for education journalists; Honolulu Civil Beat seeks an investigations editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Apple Watch will kill the web browser? Doubt it. (medium.com)
* Seattlish editors: We can’t keep quiet about The Stranger’s controversial, “click-baity opinion piece” by Ryan Boudinot. (seattlish.com)
* Minneapolis Star Tribune’s publisher says leaving the paper’s longtime headquarters “made tremendous financial sense.” (startribune.com)
* US Weekly retracts its Kendall Jenner interview. (gawker.com) | The quotes were suspicious. (washingtonpost.com)