[UPDATED] Letter to a Wall Street Journal thief

Berkeley resident Marty Schiffenbauer spotted this letter to the man who has been swiping a Wall Street Journal subscriber’s papers. He shared it with Berkeleyside.

To the Berkeley man who has been taking my Wall Street Journal so many times over so many years:
We recently installed a video surveillance system around the building and we have a very nice image of you taking the newspaper yesterday March 12th at 7:32:08 AM at 2019 Blake Street.

Here’s the deal:

Obviously the Wall Street Journal is important to your life. So, if you’d like, just feel free to borrow it every day as long as you return it around 10 or 11 the same morning.

This offer is contingent upon the newspaper being returned in a relatively crisp state with no coffee stains.

I find the editorial stance of the Wall Street Journal to be reprehensible, but the journalism still justifies the subscription.

However if you are reading the WSJ for its editorial and op-ed positions, I reserve the right to withdraw this offer.

By taking the newspaper today, Friday March 13th, you hereby initiate this contract with no jeopardy to your reputation.

Any stock tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Update: “The perp read the note carefully – we have him on video – but I’m afraid he has yet to take me up on my proposal,” Richard tells Berkeleyside. “I have gotten the WSJ every day since the note went up.”

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– h/t Matthew Keys