New York Times ombud: Wearable gadgets column ‘clearly needed much more vetting’


“The original web headline [above, via HuffPo] felt like click bait, although it certainly reflected the top of the column,” writes New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan. “Toning it down [to “The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech”] was a smart move — in fact, a necessity. That change happened after Times Science staff members saw the first headline online and objected.”

Nick Bilton’s column was criticized by several science, health and tech sites, including Discover, Wired, and Slate’s Phil Plait writes: “I expect this kind of thing from rags like the Daily Mail or other fact-free tabloids, but from the New York Times? Wow.”

* A tech column on wearable gadgets draws fire as “pseudoscience” (
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