Good luck finding the USA Today ‘Race Together’ special section at this Starbucks

The arrow points to the #RaceTogether section

The arrow points to the #RaceTogether section

C.T. May writes in a Splice Today piece critical of Howard Schultz’s #RaceTogether campaign:

The one operational difference you’ll see is that the pile of newspapers near the creamers will now have copies of a USA Today “Race Together” special section. A rival newspaper tells us the section “contains an assortment of statistics and facts about race, and ends with a questionnaire that prompts readers to ask themselves how many friends of a different race their parents, and they themselves, have had.”

Starbucks tells us the section will also have “an unconscious bias experiment—exploring the attitudes and beliefs that guide us, along with an interactive diversity index that asks ‘what is the chance that the next person I meet will be different from me?’” But customers don’t have to look at the section or do the exercises.

I had to hunt for the section at my neighborhood Evanston Starbucks this afternoon. It wasn’t anywhere near the creamers; I eventually found the papers near the supplies storage area and bathrooms.

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