Morning Report for March 20, 2015

* New York Times dumps one of its new online opinion writers after his history with racist publications is exposed. (
* Los Angeles Times gets a $4.2 million lien on Orange County Register assets in their newspaper delivery dispute. (
* The problem with Meerkat is that most people “aren’t interesting or entertaining.” ( | You, too, can get paid to eat and sleep on camera! (
images-4* “Fox News is gonna play down conservative screw-ups,” admits Fox News’ Bernard Goldberg. (
* One month ago Danny Schechter tweeted that “only my illness prevented me from coming to David Carr‘s memorial service.” The Emmy-winning journalist passed away Thursday. ( | Dan Kennedy‘s tribute: (
* Report: The Hill owner Jimmy Finkelstein is interested in the New York Daily News. (
* Praise for new NPR news chief Michael Oreskes. (
* Project Veritas is just “a multi-million dollar non-profit P.R. machine to promote the James O’Keefe brand.” (
* San Diego broadcast journalists blast their bosses at a Sunshine Week event. (
* “I Twitter everyday,” says Larry King. (Actually, his assistant does the tweeting.) (
* JOBS: A new NYC-based website is looking for education journalists; Honolulu Civil Beat seeks an investigations editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* The University Daily Kansan wins a self-described college media geek’s 2015 Student Newspaper National Championship. (