Weekend Report for March 21-22, 2015

panToday’s Unfortunate Ad Placement (from Saturday’s Cincinnati Enquirer)
* NYT public editor: “More than 70% of all revenue at The Times came from print last year.” (nytimes.com) | “I’m reading my New York Times digitally while I’m eating breakfast,” says Tim Gunn, describing his Sunday routine. (nytimes.com)
* A claim in an NPR piece about right-to-work states is disputed. “I do think a follow up is much needed,” says the network’s ombudsman. (npr.org)
* An Australian journalist recalls wasting Rupert Murdoch‘s money: “I even flew to Los Angeles and London to play video games and write about them.” (sneakymag.com)
* A Texas lawmaker blocks a student journalist on Twitter for asking a question. (dallasobserver.com) | (petapixel.com)
* Former Ebony editor Mitzi Miller joins an LA-based film and television company. (chicagotribune.com)
* Tom Goodwin: “I guess I should be grateful someone else got 5,000 retweets for my writing.” (@tomfgoodwin) | “Someone else” was then shamed into tweeting this.
* Joseph Pulitzer IV dies at 65. The former newspaper empire heir “seemed happiest when the ‘Grateful Dead’ came to town and he reviewed the band for the paper.” (stltoday.com)
* The Star Tribune building demolition and the end of a newspapering era in downtown Minneapolis. (startribune.com)