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Smart move leaving Bill O’Reilly’s name off this ad, National Geographic! Dumb move, though, telling CNN’s Tom Kludt he can’t attend the “Killing Jesus” press event “out of respect” for O’Reilly.

* CNN reporter barred from Bill O’Reilly “Killing Jesus” event (
* More tweets from Tom Kludt about National Geographic’s actions (@TomKludt)

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From the FCC ruling against WDBJ…fcc

Nearly three years ago, Roanoke’s WDBJ-TV did a story about a former adult film star serving as a rescue squad volunteer. Its 6 p.m. news report included a very brief porn clip showing the actress stroking an erect penis. The FCC proposed today that the station be fined $325,000 for the inadvertent broadcast. Its ruling says:

The clip aired for approximately three seconds and thus its duration was not so brief as to preclude an indecency finding. Moreover, we find that the duration of the material was sufficient to attract and hold viewers’ attention; several complainants note that they viewed the material perfectly well.

A WDBJ photojournalist told the FCC: “When I recorded the screen shots off of a computer, I did not notice the small ‘boxes’ at the right of screen showing other films available from the distributor,” one of which showed the porn star/rescue squad volunteer in action.

The Roanoke Times reports WDBJ’s $325,000 penalty is the largest the FCC has ever enforced for a single indecent broadcast at a station.

* FCC hits WDBJ with $325,000 indecency fine (
* FCC plans maximum fine against WDBJ for airing indecent material (

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- From Philadelphia City Paper's full-page cartoon

– From Philadelphia City Paper’s full-page cartoon

Philadelphia City Paper editor-in-chief Lillian Swanson tells Romenesko readers: “As most newspapers have cut back on comics and shrunk those they do run, this alternative weekly has gone against the grain and offered a full page as a blank canvas for a different artist every week. As comic artist Kelly Phillips, whose drawing launched the project, wrote in [the March 19th] paper, City Paper is ‘paying tribute to an art form that is inextricably tied, and indebted to, newspapers.'”

Swanson says the artists get $150 for their published work.

Check out the cartoon on page 12 of this issue.

Former New York Times reporter Matthew Wald – once called “dean of the energy press corps” – has been hired by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the nuclear industry’s lobbying group.
Wald (right), who took a Times buyout in December after decades at the paper, writes on Facebook: “I’m supposed to keep the group advised on developments in policy and technology and economics outside the nuclear field, among other tasks. It sure ain’t like the morning paper. The technical types, the ones who used to work at power plants, evidently habitually come to work by 7 AM.”

And the HR woman assured me that among the perks, we get off the day after Thanksgiving and work only half a day on Christmas Eve. I told her I’d worked most of the Christmases for the last 30 years. She reacted like I was speaking Greek.

But I’m sure my metabolism will adjust.

His title will be senior director, policy analysis and strategic planning.

* Former New York Times reporter heads to nuclear group (

* Wisconsin Film Festival’s rules: “To obtain advance screeners, the press will agree to only publish capsule reviews/previews of these films, to appear no earlier than one week prior to the festival’s start.” (
* The Columbia journalism school review of Rolling Stone’s frat-house rape story is coming out in April. (
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* Anchorage police raid the marijuana dispensary owned by former TV reporter Charlo (“Fuck-It-I-Quit”) Greene. (
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* Cute: A reader points out that a Philly Inquirer story about a Catholic church quotes people named Bishop and Maas. (
* JOBS: A new NYC-based website is looking for education journalists; Honolulu Civil Beat seeks an investigations editor. (Romenesko Jobs)