Morning Report for March 23, 2015

* Wisconsin Film Festival’s rules: “To obtain advance screeners, the press will agree to only publish capsule reviews/previews of these films, to appear no earlier than one week prior to the festival’s start.” (
* The Columbia journalism school review of Rolling Stone’s frat-house rape story is coming out in April. (
* Times public editor Margaret Sullivan revisits her Ferguson column from last August and says “what I wrote was substantially flawed.” (
* “I’m waiting for the first original novel to be composed solely with emoticons,” says The New Yorker’s Barry Blitt. (That’s his cover on the right.) (
* What should campaign journalists do about climate change deniers? (
* A widely distributed March 20th solar eclipse “photo” is CGI from 2009. “Truth is the only thing that matters in photojournalism. And it is being eroded every day.” (
* Time execs claim their magazine is more trusted than the New York Times. (Evidence, please!) (
* A how-to: Staying sane while using Twitter. (
* Brian Williams attends a weekend fundraiser for his old high school. ( | Pals protect him from the pesky press. (
* The shrinking Chicago Sun-Times gets beat up a lot, but it still does some excellent reporting. From this weekend: (
* Anchorage police raid the marijuana dispensary owned by former TV reporter Charlo (“Fuck-It-I-Quit”) Greene. (
* Jeb Bush has a talk-radio problem. (
* Cute: A reader points out that a Philly Inquirer story about a Catholic church quotes people named Bishop and Maas. (
* JOBS: A new NYC-based website is looking for education journalists; Honolulu Civil Beat seeks an investigations editor. (Romenesko Jobs)