Morning Report for March 24, 2015

* Colorado Springs Gazette publishes a 21st Century version of “Reefer Madness.”images I’m told: “Gazette employees have been strongly discouraged from commenting on or sharing opinions about the series. Privately editors have mentioned that public criticism could jeopardize reporters’ jobs.” ( | Christine Tatum, the “lead reporter” on the series, is married to a doctor who treats so-called marijuana “addicts.” (
* The radio host who interviews Chris Christie on “Ask the Governor” gets to drive around in a Corvette – thanks to Christie. (
* Conservative publications do best on Facebook with negative stories. (
* Are New York Times, BuzzFeed and other news outlets about to be swindled by Facebook? ( | ( // Jeff Jarvis: “I do fear that some of us will be bad negotiators.” (
* James Vincent: “Many in the media industry are worried about ceding too much power to the social network.” ( | Worse than Faustian. (@mathewi)
* Washington Post’s Dan Balz wins the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. (
* No paper trail for ESPN’s deal with Mid-American Conference. “Details were hammered out in conference calls with athletic directors and commissioners.” (
* [RIGHT] High school administrators in Virginia censor a student newspaper story about “dabbing” – “the most recent craze to dominate the drug subculture.” (
* The Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism goes to the Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic and Neshaminy High School’s The Playwickian. (
* Los Angeles Times consumer reporter David Lazarus: “I was told by higher-ups this morning to tone down the political snark. Here’s a video of cats being funny.” (@Davidlaz)
* Akron Beacon Journal reporter Rick Armon forces Kent State to obey open records laws. (
* Ken Doctor: Anyone who has ever listened to local public radio traveling across the country can recognize the great disparities in reporting. Closing that gap is central to the next generation of NPR News – and public radio itself.” (
* NBC PR touts a big “Nightly News” win over ABC’s “World News Tonight.” (
* James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards nominees are announced. (