New York Times drops Joe Sharkey’s ‘On the Road’ column; ‘didn’t see this coming,’ he says

The New York Times is dropping Joe Sharkey’s “On the Road” at the end of the month.
“I wrote it every single week for 16 years,” he writes in an email, and “never missed a week, including when I just got back from custody in the jungle after the Brazil mid-air collision over the Amazon in 2006.”

He adds: “Didn’t see this coming, frankly. They said they had to cut the freelance budget -and I was a freelancer, working without any kind of contract. … I intend to write occasionally for the NYT here and there. It’s an amicable parting on the column, though as I said, rather abrupt. The perils of the freelance life, as we all know.”

Sharkey says he’s working on a novel about a travel columnist who hates traveling, and teaching at the University of Arizona journalism school.

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