Washington, MO, journalists would like to see Washington, DC, visitors dress up a bit

Journalists at The Missourian in Washington, MO, visited Washington, DC, last week and were disappointed by the sloppy dress of visitors to the U.S. House and Senate office buildings.

An editorial in Wednesday’s paper asks:images “When did wearing jeans and walking shoes (we used to call them tennis shoes) become proper dress when visiting congressmen or -women?”

More on these uncouth visitors:

There were a few in shorts. Others wore baggy and loose-fitting clothes. Some of the people wondering around the halls trying to find the office they wanted to visit were not much removed from some of the street people we observed. And they didn’t appear to be much cleaner than the typical homeless person!

The journalists from Washington, MO (population 14,031) “saw one man wearing a T-shirt with an American flag imprinted on it and, of course, he had long, stringy hair.” (Of course!) “Another man wore gold-colored shoes and loose clothing.”

Other Washington, D.C. observations from the Missouri paper’s editorial:
* “We were a bit surprised at the large number of small children with parents.”
* “There seemed to be as many Asians as African-Americans.
* “Many people had their computers with them.”
* “It seems everybody had a cellphone.”

I’ve asked Missourian editor Bill Miller if he has photos of sloppy dress in D.C. to share with Romenesko readers. Update: No photos, he says.

* We’ve lost it …. proper dress code (emissourian.com)

h/t Scott Charton