Carl Bernstein jeered after criticizing Fox News in front of mostly Republican crowd

Smile, Carl! - via @heatherchilders

Smile, Carl! – via @heatherchilders

Carl Bernstein said at a Thursday SCARC fundraiser in New Jersey that Bill O’Reilly is “a fabulist” and Fox News “is not a news organization that’s breaking down the doors for the best obtainable version of the truth, any more than MSNBC is.” The Watergate reporter was jeered, reports the New Jersey Herald’s Rob Jennings, while Fox News personality and event emcee Heather Childers (at right) was cheered.

“We have some great reporters at Fox News,” she said. “I think we’ve done a lot of good work.”

Jennings reports:

The audience reaction perhaps was to be expected, as one questioner said she counted only several known Democrats in the reception hall at Perona Farms.

Earlier, upon being introduced at the event, Bernstein remarked playfully, “Thank you all, fellow Republicans.”

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