Newspaper boss Mark Jurkowitz’s bee problem

Former Boston Globe reporter and Pew Research Center associate director Mark Jurkowitz bought a weekly newspaper last summer after concluding that “solid, credible community weeklies can be pretty strong franchises.”

- via @dailynewshack

– via @dailynewshack

One of the things he’s learned as newspaper owner is that “there is virtually no matter too trivial for your attention.”

For example….

One afternoon this past summer, I got a somewhat frantic call from my editor telling me that an unlucky customer at a local mall was stung when a swarm of bees emerged from inside the Sentinel newspaper box he had opened. My first impulse was to ignore that call. My second was that this was definitely my problem. So armed with a Wiffle ball bat and a can of industrial strength bug killer, I managed to rout the colony of angry insects.

He closes his essay noting that “running a community paper isn’t just a job; it is a way of life.”

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