UPDATED: Buffalo State College newspaper’s funding is frozen over April Fools’ issue


Update: The student government has decided not to freeze the newspaper’s budget after all. “Our initial actions were made based on the concerns we received from several students,” student leaders say. “The removal of the “April Fools” edition of the paper was called in order to protect our students from feeling uncomfortable. However, The Record you’re our students as well! & the freedom of speech and press proves that us limiting your distribution, is not right.” The post continues here.

Earlier: The SUNY Buffalo State Record was renamed The Wreckard for April Fools’ Day, and included a piece by “copy editor Brian Williams,” a story about Gov. Cuomo’s snacking ban, and a film review correction, which said “a March 30 review of ‘Get Hard’ called the movie ‘enjoyable at times.’ This is patently untrue.”

Some on campus weren’t wild about The Wreckard, including student government president Emily Leminger. She emailed the newspaper staff and told them their April 1 edition was “a very serious matter.”

She wrote:

It has come to our attention from many students and faculty members that some of the topics discussed in the ‘Wreckard’ satire addition [sic] were offensive to members of Buffalo State and the surrounding community.”

Please note that your budget has been frozen, all publications of ‘The Wreckard’ must be removed from campus tomorrow by 5PM and relocated to your office.

She didn’t say which articles offended the campus and surrounding community.

I’ve left messages for Leminger, editor Jonny Moran, and newspaper adviser Annemarie Franczyk. | Update – The adviser tells Romenesko readers: “The most current information is the college administration recognizes the violation of the paper’s freedom of speech and is seeking some sort of joint resolution.”

New: “We are really relieved that our funding is back,” says the paper’s ME (buffalonews.com)
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