Morning Report for April 2, 2015

* Gannett is about to take control of ten Digital First Media papers in Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico. (
* Jack Shafer: At Fox News, GOP presidential candidates are rarely spanked; “the only real punishment is neglect.” (
* Medium hires journalists and takes steps to become profitable. (
* Too bad Businessweek’s Cubs cover didn’t come out on April 1. (
* Ted Cruz calling the New York Times “a leftist rag” is “a badge of honor,” says Timesman Edward Wong. (@comradewong)
* New York Daily News reportedly loses $30 million a year, so Cablevision’s one-dollar offer for it doesn’t seem that crazy. (
* The enduring influence of “the PayPal mafia.” (
* Seymour Hersh on ex-NYT executive editor Abe Rosenthal: “He used to come into the newsroom in Washington and tap me on the top of my head and say, ‘How’s my little commie?’ The next sentence would be, ‘What do you have for me?'” (
* VIDEO: “The haircut that divided a nation.” ( | Earlier: Strong reactions to Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens‘ hair. (
* NYPD chief: New York Post founder Alexander Hamilton would be embarrassed by the tabloid’s Wednesday page one story. ( | The Post stands by its story. (
* How high school kids use Instagram to help pick a college. (
* NPR’s Carl Kasell turns 81 today; ex-NYT public editor Daniel Okrent celebrates 67 years. (@charlesapple)