#TBT: New York media scene in 2005

Throwback Thursday: Stories about New York media from April 2005:

New York magazine on Rupert Murdoch’s Post (April 11, 2005): “It has stolen from the Daily News the mantle of New York’s populist paper, and yet it also fêtes the city’s rich and powerful, trafficking in a kind of tycoonophilia. The very same power-hungry plutocrats whom the old Post loved to torment are given the royal treatment by Murdoch’s Post—until they fall, that is, and then the Post gleefully piles on.” (nymag.com)

- New York Post, April 1, 2005

– New York Post, April 1, 2005

Lachlan Murdoch, quoted in The New Yorker (April 11, 2005): “We don’t really think about the Daily News that much.” (newyorker.com)

New York Times on New York magazine editor Adam Moss (April 4, 2005): “His one-year tenure has brought distinct changes to both its journalism and its design, with the former better received than the latter. …As for the magazine’s new look, it brims with thumbnail pictures, short interviews and type so tiny it can be hard to read.” (nytimes.com)

New York Times on the April Fools’ Day parade (April 1, 2005): “New York’s April Fools’ Day parade is a great big hoax, the brainchild of Joey Skaggs, the éminence grise of pransksterdom who has been duping the news media with his outlandish stunts for decades. …[He] has drawn a wide range of news media outlets in the past, including CNN, USA Today and, without fail, a camera crew or two from Japan.” (nytimes.com)