Morning Report for April 6, 2015

* John Oliver visits Edward Snowden in Russia for “a half humorous, half serious R-rated conversation about surveillance.” ( | Watch it. john
* Northern Michigan University administrators boot the newspaper adviser – a former Sun-Times investigative reporter – after student reporters investigate an NMU deal with Starbucks. ( | Earlier: NMU and the campus paper face off. (
* It doesn’t matter who reads the evening news from behind a desk. ( | Discuss this with Frank Rich at noon ET. (
* But nobody was fired…. The Columbia journalism school report on Rolling Stone’s campus-rape story “reflects a complete meltdown in the journalistic process at the magazine,” writes Rem Rieder. ( | “A reportorial autopsy.” ( | “A 25-page report on how not to practice journalism.” ( | CJR interviews the report authors. (
* This is what gets you fired from Rolling Stone: (@ThePowersThatBe) | From 2006: “A flare-up with Jann Wenner.” (
* Two Pulitzer-winners join the University of Oregon j-school faculty. (
* Boston Globe visits the hotel that was once the Portland Press Herald building. (
* The Oddly Numbered List and other headline formats favored by web publishers. (
* Arianna Huffington is taking “social stars” to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. (
* RIP Bob McClory (he covered human decency for the Chicago Reader) and Kendall Wild (“You couldn’t fool him”).romeneskojobs