Photog: Who added that dog to my image?

Photo: Ben Canales

Photo: Ben Canales

Photojournalist Ben Canales writes on Facebook: “Huh… I wrote this article for Backpacker Magazine years ago, guess they needed some new content so blew the dust off this one. BUT, who the hell added a dog silhouette to the image???! That was never in the original photo.”

He tells Romenesko readers: “At some point soon, I’d like to talk with an editor and ask how and by whom the image got manipulated or swapped. …My guess is some intern did it and the upper editors didn’t even know.” I’ve asked Backpacker editor Dennis Lowen about it. | Update: Backpacker digital media editor Trent Knoss got back to me. He explains what happened:

I asked an intern to re-promote the article on Friday and he mistakenly used an incorrect version of the image sourced from the web. The article predates me here at Backpacker, so I didn’t catch the modification. I’ve posted a correction and will also reach out to Ben personally.

Kevin Wellard had some fun with the altered image and replaced the dog with other “campers.” His work is posted in Canales’ comments section.

(Credit: Kevin Wellard)

Credit: Kevin Wellard

* “Who the hell added a dog silhouette to the image???!” (